B&Ws Gold Dun Boy



This little stud was a super find! He has an incredible disposition, a stunning neck, and great conformation. He is sired by Johnstons Gold Boy who was a registered Sheltand until he was accepted by AMHA. He was also the last living son of Gold Melody Boy. Though he did not have any direct get who won at the National or World level, he produced several horses who themselves were National Champion producers. Most notable is Wittmaacks Freckles. Wittmaacks Freckles is the dam of two time National Champion, Little Kings Buck Angelica, Little Kings Buckeroo Bandelero, who is deceased, and

Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo. Little Kings

Leatherwood Buckeroo is the sire of three time

World Champion of Champions, Libertys Miss Kentucky.

We will be using him to cross on our dun mares to

produce homozygous black and dun foals.

Lab Tested:


Ee -         Heterozygous Black

aa -         Negative for Agouti

Dd -        One copy of the Dun gene

nCr -       One copy of the Cream gene


Negative for Silver and Sabino