Dos Palmas Sterling Silver




Very excited about the future of this young stallion! He is very correct and an amazing mover, we can't wait to start his driving career and recently he has really taken a shine to jumping. He has bred a few mares this year and we are really eager to see what he produces for foals, we never now what to expect with his genetics!  

Lab Tested:


EE -       Homozygous Black

aa -        Negative for Agouti

nCr -      One copy of the Cream gene

nZ -        One copy of the Silver gene

nCh -      One copy of Champagne gene

nSW1 -   One copy of Splash White gene

Tt -         One copy of Tobiano gene

LWO(-) - Negative for Lethal White Overo



Will stand to a limited number of outside mares in 2016